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Plan for a Pet

Every Christmas, gift givers in search of the perfect present turn to giving cats and dogs. While their intentions are good, the result doesn’t always turn out for the best
Plan for a Pet

“Dogs and cats bring many physical and mental health benefits for the young, the not so young and everyone in between,” says Dr Kersti Seksel, a leading veterinarian and specialist in animal behaviour in Australia. “But many people underestimate the time and effort needed to care for a pet. Unfortunately, this results in many animals being surrendered to shelters for behavioural issues or a realisation that the pet is not suited to the owner’s lifestyle. That’s why it’s so important that everyone understands the responsibility involved for the lifetime of the pet.”  

Pets bring so much to our lives, but the truth is, gifting a pet must be done in their best interest, not ours. The reality is, pets needs are much greater than your usual gift – they require specific care and precise nutrition to maintain their health and happiness.


This year, ROYAL CANIN® wants to remind everyone that pets are gifts of a lifetime and urge potential owners to plan for a pet.


Here are seven factors to consider before introducing a new pet at any time of the year:

  1. Finding the right cat or dog  
  2. Budgeting for pet-related expenses
  3. Selecting who will care for your cat or dog
  4. Special health conditions or dietary needs for your pet
  5. Making time for your new pet
  6. Researching pet training facilities
  7. Getting your house pet-ready

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