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Breed-Based Nutrition

Breed-Based Nutrition

It’s fairly easy to see why a Yorkshire Terrier food may be different than a German Shepherd food based on their size alone. But it takes in-depth analysis, research and innovation to discover that even dogs of similar sizes and shapes have different nutritional needs based on the genetic make-up of their specific breed.

Different Breeds, Precise Nutrition


The more we learn about the genetic and physical make-up of dogs, the more we realise how different each breed is, far beyond just its size. Of all the animal species, dogs may have some of the most diverse range of breeds.

Before we develop a breed-specific dog food, we closely observe the breed to understand its morphological, physiological and behavioral characteristics. For instance, we studied how to promote lean muscle mass in the Dachshund, how to help Boxer pick up their kibble more easily and even how to support a healthy weight in the Labrador.

We launched the first breed-specific diet, developed for just one breed's unique health and nutritional requirements. Since then, we have continued to develop and launch over 20 unique, breed-specific formulas in New Zealand. Our breed health nutrition formulas meet the needs of only one breed (not three or four) because they are customised for each breed’s unique set of characteristics – a truly innovative solution to better meet the nutritional needs of your dog.

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